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Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Vibha Power Solutions

Conservation of energy resources is the need of the hour! We understand that high-energy efficiency within their firm can bring noteworthy benefits to the clients. Keeping this in mind, we have developed comprehensive Energy Auditing & Management strategies. Typically, Energy Auditing & Management Services are conducted to identify opportunities to reduce the energy demand of the system without affecting production quality and quantity. With our Energy Auditing & Management Services, we incorporate building simulation and process heat integration studies. The first step is to identify the key areas of energy wastage and then formulate measures to save energy. Further, we study the existing energy consumption trends of your firm and then suggest the energy conservation measures. Our Energy Auditing & Management Services help in identifying inefficiencies and hidden losses that may exist due to the system design, existing equipment design, or operating practices. For offering efficient and profitable solutions, we have become an eminent Energy Auditing & Management Services Provider in India.

Energy Audit Includes :

  • A technical analysis and analysis of all environment-related areas.
  • A concept for the optimization of processes and methods.
  • Generation of efficiency indicators and benchmarking.
  • A consultation on technical and organizational options for increasing efficiency.
  • A feasibility analysis and plan of action.
  • Monitoring of the project implementation

Our Areas of Expertise

Vibha Power Solutions
  • Our Areas of Expertise

    Boiler/TFH - Flue gas analysis, Radiation Losses, Heat and Mass balance, Waste heat recovery, Draft Controlling and Operating Efficiency.

    HVAC Systems – Measurement of chiller/air-conditioning operation parameters, water/ brine/air flow estimation, compressor power, sp. Power consumption in kW per TR.

    Waste Incinerator - Analysis on waste generated, Exploring possibility of recovering waste heat for process heating or to use in vapor absorption refrigeration system

    Cooling Towers - Estimation & evaluation of cooling tower performance i.e., range, approach, L/G ratio and effectiveness.

    Power Distribution – Load Distribution, Electricity Bills, Harmonics, Cost and performance analysis.

    Electric Motors – Measurement of voltage, current, power factor, power input and Load analysis.

    Pumps, Fans & Blowers - Pump performance, adequacy, dynamic head versus flow, matching & deviation, power consumption and Efficiency evaluation.

    Compressed Air Systems - FAD test, Air Leak test and Specific Energy consumption.

    Lighting system – Lux mapping, daylight harvesting to improve lighting efficiency and optimizing lighting levels.

    DG Sets – Percentage load on engine, specific power generation i.e., kW/liter.

    Turbines – Performance Evaluation for all types of Turbines.

    Steam Distribution System – Steam trapping analysis, Condensate recovery, Steam Leak Test & Quantification.

    Furnaces and ovens – fuel switching analysis, Flue gas analysis, temperature analysis, openings, leakages, time frames, Radiation Losses, Heat and Mass balance, Waste heat recovery, Draft Controlling and Operating Efficiency.

    Transformers – losses, load analysis, voltage transformation ratio study.