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Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Vibha Power Solutions

Following is the scope of Service Provider for Evacuation infrastructure Approvals:

Arrangement of Evacuation infrastructure Approvals for the Solar PV Power Plant shall cover broadly the following scope:

  1. No Objection Certificate from Revenue officials for the strip of land used for TL
  2. Technical Feasibility Report (TFR) and Grid connectivity report.
  3. Securing the bay extension approval from concerned department for s/s under consideration. (Bay Allotment in Grid Substation).
  4. Metering scheme approval from designated authorities
  5. Testing of Metering Kiosk with meter at Grid substation
  6. Testing of Meter and Metering-CT/PT Approval
  7. Release note for metering
  8. TL route estimate
  9. Co-ordination with DISCOM for TL estimate
  10. SLSC and SLEC approval
  11. Section 68 approval
  12. PTCC approval
  13. Start-up Power approval
  14. Forest Clearance for TL
  15. News Paper notice for TL Construction
  16. All Necessary clearances and registration and approvals for Plant Switchyard, Transmission Line and Bay extension
  17. CEIG drawing approval and commissioning approvals for Plant Switchyard, Transmission Line and Bay extension
  18. Electrical Inspector drawing approval for Plant Switchyard, Transmission Line and Bay extension
  19. No Objection Certificate (NOC) or similar document from for transmission line govt./non-govt./private office - as applicable
  20. Sanctioned letter from Superintend Engineer/Designated Authorities
  21. Final Connectivity letter from Superintend Engineer/Designated Authorities
  22. Right-of-Way (ROW) issues & associated cost for transmission line which includes clearance from local/private/govt. bodies, both in legal and physical sense including the compensation to these as and when applicable
  23. Permission to use (from / through foreign lands) to the requisite band along the way of TL, and access for men, material and vehicle movement during construction & commissioning. (Consent-to-use only)

It is worth noting that all the associated charges towards the performance of the above scope shall include statutory, liasoning charges, taxes and duties.